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When Imagination Can Take You Everywhere

The road. A simple path, really. And yet it's come to mean so much more. Perhaps the real reason roads are special is that every road leads us to someplace we're not - but could be. At Chevrolet, roads are our springboards. They challenge us, taunt us and guide us to create better, more exciting, more ingenious ways to move through life. Roads drive us to places we've never been before. And we'll never stop seeking out new ones.

PRECISION : It isn't just a word. For the designers of the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray, it was a mantra. Throwing off the constraints of tradition, our engineers started from scratch to build a revolutionary sports car with the performance prowess, aesthetic impact and fine craftsmanship worthy of the Stingray emblem.

CAN YOU HANDLE THE PRECISION? Born through a synthesis of precision engineering and racing technology, the 2014 Corvette Stingray is a stunning argument against the ordinary. A lighter, more rigid aluminum space frame replaces its predecessor’s steel frame. The use of carbon-fiber and carbonnano- composite structures further reduces weight to achieve optimal handling, balance and acceleration.

EVERY LINE MATTERS Executed with beauty and proportion, every millimeter of Stingray serves its purpose. Geometric shapes transition smoothly from soft curve to crisp edge. Air flows effortlessly to reduce drag and optimize performance. Increased downforce keeps the vehicle planted, while functional exterior vents create a totally new breathing experience to reduce lift and minimize drag. The advanced ventilation systems help air flow from front to back, cooling critical components to improve vehicle handling. Stunning design, meet racing strategy.

WORTHY OF A LEGENDARY LINEAGE This Corvette marks the seventh generation of an iconic sports car backed by 60 years of tradition. And the Stingray is designed to challenge every expectation.

How do you top a stingray? You decide.

COUPE AND CONVERTIBLE AS ONE For the first time ever, the Corvette coupe and convertible both use an identical rigid aluminum frame structure. Designed as an open-top vehicle from the outset, no additional reinforcements are required. The vehicle remains a pure, precision-born machine.

RACE THE WIND To some drivers, the convertible Stingray is the only Stingray. This year, the convertible features a fully electronic top that can be lowered remotely using the key fob or while driving at speeds up to 30 mph — without the need for mechanical latches. With the top up, a thick design ensures maximum sound absorption for a quiet cabin. And when you decide to put the top down, it hides beneath a body-color tonneau cover that flows down in a waterfall design between the seats.

OPEN-TOP COUPE The Stingray coupe can also become an open-top vehicle, with a carbon-fiber roof panel so light just one person can remove it and stow it in the trunk. Available removable roof panel options include: body color, visible carbon fiber and transparent.

Interior Design

THE JOURNEY BEGINS IN THE COCKPIT A performance vehicle is experienced from the driver seat, and Stingray has a cockpit worthy of a fighter jet. Illuminated by innovative digital features and intelligent driver controls, it’s a stunning change from your typical interior scenery. A sweeping free-form line spans the instrument panel and flawlessly carries over into the door trim and console. Every inch is imbued with a deep respect for authentic materials. Real aluminum. Available carbon fiber. Available hand-selected leather. This is Corvette, elevated to a whole new level.

CAREFULLY CRAFTED, BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED The available hand-stretched, leather-wrapped instrument panel is hand-sewn with an eye to meticulous fit and finish. Lightweight aluminum accents adorn the doors, pedals, gearshift and cockpit instrumentation. A smaller, race-inspired steering wheel enhances grip and driving feel, featuring paddles that initiate Active Rev Matching on the manual transmission or manual shifting on the available 6-speed paddle-shift transmission with automatic mode. You can even upgrade your experience with carbon-fiber trim and sueded microfiber upper interior trim.

LU XURY , MEET TECHNOLO GY The intuitive instrument cluster bears two ultra-bright 8-inch diagonal high-definition LED screens. The center console entertainment interface features a retractable, tablet-inspired touch-screen. And an available color Head-Up Display projects critical data into the driver’s line of vision on the windshield.

STINGRAY PUTS YOU FRONT AND CENTER Performance driving is experienced from the interior, so every line, every stitch and every accent must honor craftsmanship — and serve the driver.

GRAND TOURING SEATS The completely redesigned GT seat is mounted on a lightweight magnesium frame and cradles the driver for optimal comfort and support. Precision hand stitching finishes each and every contour. Premium natural-grain Napa leather is included with 3LT.

COMPETITION SPORT SEATS An available Competition Sport seat builds on the same lightweight magnesium frame. This seat provides maximum support for cornering, with more pronounced side bolsters designed for high-performance driving on the track. Upgrades to sueded microfiber inserts are available for the seats and include sueded microfiber wrap for the steering wheel and gearshift.

EVERY GRAM EARNED ITS WAY ONTO THE CAR Influenced by Corvette Racing technology, the 2014 Corvette Stingray was designed to be an instrument of precision — and light, stiff materials make all the difference. Aluminum and carbon fiber contribute to a 50/50 weight distribution and a world-class power-to-weight ratio for optimal handling and acceleration. The all-aluminum space frame structure is 57% stiffer and 100 lbs. lighter than the steel-frame sixth-generation Corvette.

REVOLUTIONARY LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS Stingray also makes judicious use of carbon fiber to further reduce weight and improve handling. A carbon-fiber removable roof panel, a carbon-fiber hood, as well as carbon-nano-composite body structures optimize weight balance and center of gravity.

ENGINEERED TO LEAVE NOTHING BEYOND YOUR CONTROL On its journey to reinventing a legend, Stingray underwent stringent performance trials. On the track at Road Atlanta, engine temperatures were pushed to the max during repeated hot laps. On the roads of the real world, camouflaged test prototypes blurred past onlookers to ensure the same performance outcomes. And in the lab, tiltdyno testing simulated extreme driving conditions to test engine durability and resilience.

For Roads That Twist, A Frame That Doesn't.

LIGHTER, MORE RIGID, MORE PRECISE Methodically constructed to be the lightest and stiffest to date, the Stingray aluminum space frame employs an evolutionary approach to precision engineering. One-third the weight of steel, aluminum improves rigidity, which in turn enhances cornering and handling. Lightweight carbon-nano-composite underbody panels bond to aluminum, while strategic use of cool joining processes minimizes inconsistencies and maximizes bond strength. This revolutionary chassis improves torsional rigidity, reducing noise and elevating performance to an art.

7 SPEEDS, ONE DRIVERAN all-new 7-speed manual transmission complements the LT1 V8 powerhouse that propels Stingray. The rear transaxle location enables a 50/50 vehicle weight balance which optimizes handling. Intelligent sensors anticipate gear selections and match engine speed for smooth transitions during both upshifts and downshifts. Active Rev Matching enhances the driving experience by offering heel-toe shifting perfection at the touch of a switch. A 6-speed paddleshift transmission is also available and offers improved shift times in manual mode.

455 HP AND 29 MPG HWY, STANDARD Completely redesigned, the standard 6.2L LT1 V8 engine boasts 455 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque and offers 29 MPG highway 1 — an unprecedented combination. With the available performance exhaust and the available Z51 Performance Package, it can achieve up to 460 horsepower, 465 lb.-ft. of torque and a 0 to 60 time of 3.8 seconds. Compact engine design lowers the hood line and vehicle center of gravity. And an available dry-sump oil system delivers oil through high g-force cornering.

POWER TRIO In addition, a trio of innovative technologies rarely seen in elite sports cars helps achieve this revolutionary pairing of power and fuel efficiency.2

DIRECT INJECTION Direct Injection delivers fuel directly into the combustion chamber to achieve maximum thermal and combustion efficiency. More than 6 million hours of computational analysis went into developing the combustion system alone. The result is an impressive 11.5:1 compression ratio that increases torque, power and fuel efficiency.

VARIABLE VALVE TIMING This advanced technology optimizes camshaft timing to improve high-rpm horsepower and low-end torque. An intelligent position sensor detects engine operating conditions and adjusts the timing of intake and exhaust valves. The result is increased power or torque when needed, enhancing performance and bolstering fuel economy when combined with Active Fuel Management.™

ACTIVE FUEL MANAGEMENT The 6.2L LT1 V8 engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM) is designed for peak power when you need it and fuel efficiency when you don’t. This technology deactivates four cylinders when cruising at consistent speeds and offers all eight cylinders with one touch of the accelerator. AFM is utilized or disabled at the driver’s discretion. Engine workload is reduced. Fuel economy improves. The driver notices performance, and nothing else.

This Is Why We Race.

Z51 PERFOR MANCE PACKAGE Employing actual Corvette Racing technology, an available Z51 Performance Package lets you achieve full track capability. Electronic Limited-Slip Differential and available Magnetic Ride Control™ promote improved stability, confidence and responsiveness. Performance Traction Management, included with available Magnetic Ride Control, features five settings of torque reduction and brake intervention to allow for more confident driving on the road or track. Stingray exclusive Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport ZP summer-only tires1 feature racetrack-born tread compounds and provide superior grip on the road. The Z51 Performance Package also includes larger front and rear wheels, larger front brake rotors, a dry-sump oil system that helps allow for cornering of more than 1 g, optional black spoiler and mirrors, plus premium shocks, springs and stabilizer bars.

MAGNETI C RIDE CONTROL This is the world’s fastestacting suspension. Available only with the Z51 Performance Package, third-generation Magnetic Ride Control is a real-time damping system that “reads” the road every millisecond. This cutting-edge technology is adjusted using the Driver Mode Selector and delivers more precise body motion control to ensure the highest level of performance possible.

ELECTRONI C LIMITED-SLIP DIFFERENTIAL Torque is optimized when properly divided between the two rear wheels. Included in the available Z51 Performance Package, intelligent Electronic Limited-Slip Differential continuously modulates torque split to improve traction and acceleration out of corners, as well as stability on the highway and steering turn-in responsiveness.

IT KNOWS ROADS YOU'VE NEVER DRIVEN Five distinct, selectable driver modes electronically calibrate up to 12 performance variables to customize your Stingray for any road. And with the available color Head-Up Display, critical driving data is projected into the driver’s line of vision on the windshield.

WEATHER MODE In inclement weather, the vehicle senses and adapts to road conditions, distributing appropriate power to the rear wheels. Tailored Traction Control and throttle progression promote more confident driving in rain or snow.

ECO MODE To reduce engine workload and conserve fuel, Eco Mode maximizes Active Fuel Management to limit power when traveling at cruising speeds. Fuel economy1 is automatically optimized until aggressive acceleration is called for.

TOUR MODE Tour Mode is the default setting for everyday driving. Engaged systems relax stiffness and enhance comfort for long-distance driving. The customizable gauge cluster can display audio, navigation and phone data.

SPORT MODE Optimized for spirited road driving, steering effort and Magnetic Ride Control2 damping are stiffened but tempered. The exhaust note becomes more aggressive.

TRACK MODE Designed for legitimate race settings, Track Mode enables launch control to provide maximum off-the-line acceleration. Steering effort and available Magnetic Ride Control2 damping adjust to provide maximum responsiveness. Available Performance Traction Management3 is enabled. Throttle progression optimizes for track performance. Gauge cluster configuration offers a C6.R raceinspired display complete with lap timer.

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