Duramax Disel. Tough, powerful and fuel-efficient.

Duramax’s new features provide great opportunities for all drivers to experience quieter engine yet powerful and fuel-efficient adapting new Turbocharger, Double Overhead Camshaft, Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Oil Filter, Common Rail Direct Injection, and Balance Shaft (2.8L version).

More power is delivered with less fuel consumed. Thanks to the direct injection system. The Turbocharger and Air Filter work together to regulate the temperature and density of air being circulated in the engine at a time, for improved combustion. Check out videos below for further details on each feature.

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The important features of the variable turbo system include its computer controlled-blade angle manipulation and pressure adjustment. This automatic system works corresponding with the force being applied on the accelerator to give you the power or the acceleration you need, exactly when you need it. This is a clear benefit over the conventional mechanically designed turbo systems. In regular systems, the blades are controlled by the vacuum pipe and the turbo component is not as effective as electronically controlled Duramax engines. No friction. No downtime. Just sheer dynamic power (2.8L engines).

Double Overhead Camshaft

The Double Overhead Camshaft system efficiently takes in clean air and purges out exhaust, compared to the SOHC or Single Overheard Camshaft system. Greater clean air intake means faster and better combustion. Significantly reduced engine noise is the result. This makes Duramax engines more responsive, powerful and fuel-efficient.

Oil Filter

Engine oil is protected from overheating by the placing of the engine oil filter next to the coolant system. Temperature is then maintained within the desired range, lubrication is more efficient and the usable life of engine oil is extended. There is, then, no need for frequent engine oil change and; therefore, you save more.

Common Rail Direct Injection

The Common Rail Direct Injection system incorporated inside Duramax engines uses a computer controlled 8-nozzle injector system. With fuel injected more precisely and in the form of a finer mist, combustion efficiency is visibly enhanced, resulting in greater power and greater fuel efficiency, especially during acceleration.

Balance Shaft

Balance shaft is to dampen engine vibration and the echoing noises inside the chassis and the passenger cabin. Duramax engines have dropped chains in favor of belts. Significantly reduced engine noise is the result. These belts last as long as 160,000 kilometers, a totally unquestionable value proposition.