Whether you call it football or soccer, it is the beautiful game that unites the world. With supporters that sing loudest when their teams need it most, the lifeblood of football is its fan community. Chevrolet is proud to be a part of the community that lives for the game. A game that is as exciting when it’s played in the back alleys and sandlots as when it is played in front of capacity crowds at major stadiums.

As the Official Automotive Partner of Manchester United, Chevrolet wants to unite supporters around the world. And starting in the 2014-2015 season, Chevrolet is the proud shirt sponsor of the most popular football team on the planet. So grab your scarf, practice those chants and get ready to take this winning combination to a whole new level of greatness.

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The new Manchester United shirt is here

Chevrolet is proud to debut on the new Manchester United shirt for the 2014/2015 season. Go to to create your own profile picture in the new shirt. While you’re there, see, share and discover how the power of play is creating a positive impact all over the world.